NIRICHMAN is a diversified corporation serving clients in major industries around the world. It operates its business through a network of segments (VENTURES) , Energy-Oil and Gas, Science and Technology (Computer software installation), Construction, Agriculture, Transportation, Business Services (Outsourcing, recruitment), Travel and Retail, Recruitment Services. The company has 152 contracted staff members, is based in London, and operates in the UK, projection US, Arab Emirates, Asia, and Africa.


Working in partnership to deliver the best in terms of Brand quality. We have a team of professionals, To ensure the service is delivered with the utmost efficiency clients are assigned a team most suited to their brief in terms of their area specialisation, knowledge and contacts. Each Team member works meticulously for their clients and is supported by the broader team to ensure everyone is aware of each client’s requirements. As a result of Nirichman’s commitment to service delivery each agent will only work for a limited number of clients at any one time.


Nirichman has a versatile and adaptable range of individuals with good personality and can work on their own initiative


We have a strong culture at Nirichman . We're extremely competitive (really serious about winning, and about what we do), we're smart, we get things done, and we have a great attitude to work (and life).