What we do

Keep it simple

NIRICHMAN is a diversified corporation serving clients in major industries around the world.

One of it's biggest segments is facilitating and forming partnerships with African countries and assisting to fulfill tenders.

Nirichman acts as a bridge between Europe and Africa.   It operates its business through a network of segments (VENTURES) .

Nirichman is Highly connected and is able to provide African Countries with the best specialists in the world and able to provide the best product or Equipments needed in various Industries.

Nirichman Can take on Projects and fulfuil these projects to the highest standard. We are able to take on a project right from consultation with our specialist to completion of Project.

  1. We can provide you the best Consultants for your Solutions.

  2. We can Deliver thye best Equipments in most major industries.

  3. We are able to take on a project right from consultation with our specialist to completion of Project, both and Long term Projects.

Some of our specialist services include:

Safety Consultants: Are consultants are well trained and can provide solutions for major problems

Green Transportation: We can transform Cities and provide Smart solutions.

Security: We have the Best Smart Security Solutions in the World for securing Homes. Are Consultants and Solution are the best.

Energy-Oil and Gas, Science and Technology , Construction, Agriculture, Transportation, Business Services (Outsourcing, recruitment), Travel and Retail, Recruitment Services. The company has 52 contracted staff members, is based in London, and operates internationally

Science and Technology operates providing  solutions required

Forming Partnerships with us in the UK

For Inverstors interested in forming partnerships with us in the UK . We offer you partnerships within different a few sectors such as hospitality, Food Delivery, and Media.  and more.